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Is the EFFC a denomination or an association within a denomination?

The EFFC is an autonomous fellowship of churches which include both independent churches as well as churches from different denominations who desire close fellowship under the banner of the EFFC statement of faith. We are not an association within a denomination or a denomination.  We are a fellowship of Evangelical Churches. 


Does the EFFC have a home office?

The Intermountain West District of the EFFC, the first and original founding district of the EFFC, is our home office. Our address is The Intermountain West District, EFFC, P.O. Box 807, Rock Springs, WY 82902.


How does the EFFC cooperate for the furtherance of the Gospel?

Our cooperation as participating EFFC churches has an overarching goal of reaching lost sinners for Jesus Christ. Since our participating churches come from different backgrounds and denominations, but ascribe to the EFFC statement of faith, our affiliation is not as binding as denominational ties. Yet we are a close affiliation of churches that are evangelical in doctrine and free in polity who are seeking together to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in our region or district. We desire fellowship apart from denominational expectations or mandates. However, we encourage all our affiliated denominational churches to maintain strong ties with their denomination, whereby their finances and denominational expectations always come first before any hopes or purposes of the EFFC. We do not seek to build hospitals, schools, publishing houses, or have a foreign mission agency. We desire to be a blessing to participating churches in our fellowship that would enable them to be better denominational or independent churches.


What is the difference between the independent Intermountain West District (IWD) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Free Churches (EFFC)?

Both organizations are independent of denominational ties, but the Intermountain West District, as all other developing districts in the future, is the organization that votes and does business related to the EFFC. The EFFC purpose is to be a covering for churches and districts of participating churches that unite under our statement of faith. The EFFC will not have a president or officers, but is a loosely tied fellowship of districts and churches whose only officers will be the district officers of the Intermountain West District of the EFFC.


How often and where does the EFFC convene?

The EFFC will not convene unless the IWD district votes to extend a welcome of other EFFC districts and churches to an EFFC celebration to bring all our EFFC churches from different districts together. The annual conference of the Intermountain West District will be the annual conference of the EFFC until other districts in the EFFC develop.


How is the EFFC funded?  How can I donate?

Funding for the EFFC comes solely through the gifts of individuals and churches who share in the EFFC purpose and vision to plant churches and develop local churches to win the lost for Christ under the banner of our united statement of faith. All gifts used to support the EFFC should be donated to The Intermountain West District, EFFC, P. O. Box 807, Rock Springs, WY 82902. All gifts will go to support the purpose and vision of the EFFC. All designated gifts will be used in accordance with the prescribed designation within the EFFC or to its affiliates.


How does the EFFC determine leadership?

Until substantial growth occurs in the EFFC, the leadership of the EFFC is the leadership of the Intermountain West District.


Does the EFFC ordain ministers of the Gospel and through what process and authority does it do this?

The EFFC will not ordain ministers of the Gospel, nor will the Intermountain West District or any other developing districts of the EFFC. The purpose of the EFFC, as well as each of our districts, is to aid participating churches in ordaining their own ministers within their own local church.


If we, as a church or organization, wish to join with the EFFC – how do we do this?  Are there requirements in theology or purpose?

To join the EFFC comes by joining the Intermountain West District or any other district which develops in the EFFC. Joining is available by agreeing to subscribe as a participating church to the EFFC statement of faith. See the EFFC website for our statement of faith. There are no other theological or purpose requirements.


The EFFC is a new fellowship.  Are there any areas of immediate need that I could help with?

Absolutely! We have prayer needs listed on our website. We need intercessors. We have financial needs in the Intermountain West District of the EFFC. Regular monthly gifts will go far in making the difference as we grow for the glory of Christ. We need supporters who will give both monthly gifts and one time gifts which we hope to use to assist and to plant autonomous churches who uphold our EFFC statement of faith.


If I wish to advertise on the Bulletin Board on the EFFC site, what are the requirements?

Our website offers advertising of special events for all our participating EFFC churches and affiliates. Call these events in by dialing 1-307-362-8910.